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Mini Christmas Knits - French Hen (page 42)
When knitting the body, this is how it should read from the place marker row
Next row:  P7, PM, P2, PM, P7.
Next row:  K1, K2tog, K to last 2 sts, K2tog, K1.  (14 sts)
Purl 1 row.
Next row:  K2tog, K4, M1, SM, K2, SM, M1, K4, K2tog  (14 sts)

Mini Chicken - Errata
Tail Feathers  (make 3-5)
Using DK yarn and 4mm knitting needles cast on 6 sts.  Cast off.  Sew in one end of the yarn and use the other to sew the feather to the tail.


Knitted Cats and Kittens - Errata

Cosy Toes

Page 36:

Instructions for ribbon to go around Cosy Toes neck are missing.  These should read as follows:

Using pink yarn and 4mm (UK8, US6) needles, cast on 6 sts and work in GS until ribbon is long enough to fit around the neck when slightly stretched.  

The cast on and cast off ends of the ribbon are then sewn together at the front so that the bow will cover the join when it is sewn in place.

Floppy Moggy

Page 82:

Toes:  Last row before casting off should read ‘Purl 1 row’ not ‘knit 1 row’.

Doorstop Cat

Page 86
Body:  (front) 
Row 20 should read P7, P25, P11. 
Page 87:  

Row 61 should read:  K7, cast off 9 sts, K6.  (making two sections of seven stitches each)

Page 88:

First column, ninth line of text reads Next row:  P1, P2tog, P2.  This should read P1, P2tog, P4.  (6 sts)

Page 88:
Feet, last tine should read Rep these 6 rows twice more.

Alley Cat

Page 90:  

There is an errata for the Alley Cat pattern, see corrected page below.

Page 93:

First line should read ‘Work 3 rows in SS’.